• financial forward performance.

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    With over $13 billion in listings, the ARxChange is the nation’s largest centralized marketplace for medical receivable disposition.

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  • excellence in finance.

    2014 excellence award from USTCRI

    ARxChange receives 2014 Excellence Award from U.S. Trade & Commerce Institute.

     Excellence In Finance

  • transformative performance.

    innovative options

    ”Given today’s dynamic healthcare environment, we believe it’s essential to offer new and innovative options like ARxChange to bolster our hospitals’ financial pictures by improving their cash flow and working capital positions.”

    - Earl Rogers,
    President & CEO,
    Georgia Hospital Association.

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  • market leading technology.

    receivables fast-track

    ”ARxChange opens an additional lane for receivables performance, a fast-track or superhighway of sorts for more predictable, immediate, evidenced-based and guaranteed returns under hospital sanctioned and safeguarded servicing terms.”

    - Carl Pellettieri,
    Impact Healthcare Services, an MCHC company.

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  • indispensable performance partner.

    collections optimization

    ”ARxChange analytics have become an indispensable performance partner in the Affordable Care Act Era. They have optimized our collections and treatment strategies, dramatically lifted our collections success, enhanced returns for our clients and have allowed us to deliver guaranteed performance options.”

    - Terry Johnson,
    VHA Georgia.

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  • ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse.

    maximize returns

    The ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse is an integrated electronic marketplace that connects hospitals and health systems to qualified institutional capital entities that acquire structured receivables pools based on predefined pricing schedules.

     ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse

  • advanced financial solutions.


    ”In today’s challenging healthcare economy, hospitals require advanced financial solutions that reduce bad debt and drive margin improvement. ARxChange provides exactly that to hospitals in Tennessee”

    - Jim Goodloe,
    THA Solutions Group.

     ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse

  • performance spotlight.

    receivables optimization

    ”ARxChange provided us with more reassurances and visibility into our collections performance. We uncovered value where we thought there was none, and converted this value into operating capital within weeks.”

    - Jay Hoffman,
    Chief Financial Officer,
    Southern Regional Medical Center.

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